What is Go4Fun?


Go4Fun is a ten week healthy lifestyle program for kids aged 7 to 13 years, run by qualified health professionals. Sessions are 2 hours long and held after school, once a week running parallel with school terms.

The program aims to improve the health of the child through the development of healthy lifestyle behaviours, as well as educating and positively effecting kids’ attitude to food and exercise. The program includes:

Nutritional info:

  • Food serving sizes
  • Label reading
  • Menu planning and recipes
  • Guidelines for eating out and parties

Support and advice:

  • Talking about weight
  • Goals and rewards
  • Role modelling
  • Problem solving

Personal improvement:

  • Physical activity
  • Self-esteem

Fun games:

  • Fitness
  • Movement skills
  • Team building

A Go4Fun brochure and poster is available to download or print.

Download the Go4Fun brochure

Download the Go4Fun poster


NSW Health

Go4Fun is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health under the NSW Healthy Children Initiative. Other programs part of the NSW Healthy Children Initiative include:

  • Munch & Move
  • Live Life Well @ School
  • Finish with the Right Stuff (Healthy Junior Community Sports Club project)

Go4Fun is delivered across the state through the NSW Office of Preventive Health in partnership with NSW Local Health Districts.

Check out http://www.preventivehealth.net.au/ for more information on the NSW Office of Preventive Health


NSW Office of Preventive Health adult healthy lifestyle programs include:

Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service

The Get Healthy Information & Coaching Service is a free, confidential telephone-based service for NSW adults 16 years and over, specifically developed to help participants make lifestyle changes regarding:

  • Healthy eating
  • Being physically active
  • Alcohol reduction
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

Check out http://www.gethealthynsw.com.au/ for more information and support for parents or carers about a healthy lifestyle.


Better Health Company

Go4Fun was originally adapted from the MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition… Do it! ) program which was designed and developed by health professionals in the United Kingdom before being modified to comply with Australian policies and guidelines.

The Better Health Company designed and developed the original program for Australian communities and continue to facilitate program implementation across Australia and New Zealand. Better Health Company works with a diverse range of partners and stakeholders from children and families through to State and Federal Government, to enable effective programs, training and resources to be implemented in local communities.

To find out more about The Better Health Company go to www.betterhealthcompany.org