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We understand you might have questions about Go4Fun, and below you’ll find the answers to a few common queries. If there’s something we haven’t covered, please get in touch. We’d love to help.

Taking part in Go4Fun

The program is suitable for children who:

  • live in NSW
  • are 7 to 13 years old
  • have a parent or carer (such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle or adult sibling) that can attend each session.

Our Go4Fun® service will call to confirm your registration and provide further details on the program to ensure it is suitable for your child. You will then be booked onto a local program that’s convenient for you. Your local Go4Fun® team will then contact you to provide all the extra information you need to get started.

It is important to measure your child’s height and weight to ensure they are growing healthily. When registering and participating in the program, you will be asked to provide measurements to help the team understand your child’s growth and help provide the best support. If it’s taken during the program, you will be asked for your permission to take your child’s measurements but it’s up to you if you give consent.

If you need to take your child’s measurements at home, you can follow the below steps.

Measuring a child’s weight:

  1. Place scales on hard surface (such as tile or wood) and avoid placing on carpet. If possible, use a digital scale.
  2. Remove shoes and heavy clothing (like a jacket or thick jumper).
  3. Have the child stand with both feet in the centre of the scale.
  4. Record the weight to the nearest 0.1 kg (or ½ kilogram if not using digital scales).
  5. You only need to measure weight every 3 months

Measuring a child’s height:

  1. Take the height measurement on hard flooring (i.e. without carpet) and against a flat wall.
  2. Remove shoes and socks, bulky clothing and hair accessories.
  3. Have the child stand straight with back against the wall. Make sure feet are flat, heels are touching the wall and eyes are facing straight ahead.
  4. Place a pencil/book horizontally on the top of the head.
  5. Draw a small mark where the pencil meets the wall (don’t forget to wipe it off when you are finished).
  6. Using a tape measure, measure the distance from the pencil mark on the wall to the floor.
  7. Record the measurement to the nearest 0.1 centimetre.


If you are concerned about your child’s growth, it is best to discuss with your GP or healthcare provider who knows your child and family.

A carer, such as a grandparent, aunt, uncle or adult sibling can attend the program with a child in place of a parent.

If there is no adult available, you can place your child on a waitlist until your circumstances change and an adult is able to attend. Alternatively, Go4Fun Online may be an option for your family.

We understand that some families need to bring other siblings to Go4Fun® programs and the program is designed for the whole family. The decision is at the discretion of your local Go4Fun® team and usually depends on the age of the child. Please ask your local team about bringing siblings when they first contact you.

A referral isn’t necessary. Simply apply using our online registration form, call 1800 780 900 or, if you prefer, send a text message to 0409 745 645 and we’ll call you back.

You can also be referred from a health professional, but a referral is not required.

If there are medical conditions that might affect your child’s ability to safely take part in Go4Fun®, please check with your child’s GP. You’ll also need to complete a medical questionnaire at the start of the program and tell us about your child’s medical conditions. Each child is assessed on an individual basis about whether they can participate in Go4Fun.

Cost, times, locations and transport

Yes. The program is free for eligible NSW families and is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health under the NSW Healthy Children Initiative.

The program runs for 10 weeks in the school term. Children attend once a week for two hours, after school. Find a program near you for more information.

No, the program runs in line with school terms.

Our typical venues include school halls, council facilities, community halls and local recreation facilities like parks. All program sessions are usually at the same venue, except for the supermarket tour. Find a program near you or contact us about locations.

We run Go4Fun® programs across NSW and the locations and suburbs are based on availability and demand. If there doesn’t appear to be a program in your local area, you should still register and let us know your location. If there’s enough interest, a program may be organised for your local area. Find a program near you.

Go4Fun Online® is also available to families who are eligible but have no local program nearby.

No, everything in the program is free. You will be given a shirt when you join.

About the program

No. Go4Fun® is not a diet; it’s a fun healthy lifestyle program that encourages children and their families to create healthy habits together, including learning healthy eating and finding fun ways to get active.

At the start of the program, your child will be given a Go4Fun welcome pack, including a Go4Fun® shirt. Each session has a similar format:

In the first hour of our weekly program we talk about healthy eating with children and their parents/carers

Children and their parents/carers split up in the second hour. The second hour focuses on fun physical activities and games designed to spark your child’s interest in staying active. Some programs may involve pool-based exercises and games.

During hour two, while children enjoy physical activities, parents or carers get together and discuss relevant health-related topics with the theory leader and other parents and carers.

Programs are delivered by trained health and community professionals, such as dietitians and exercise physiologists.

There are lots of benefits of our program for children, including:

  • improved self-esteem and confidence
  • improved sporting skills and fitness
  • improved team work and communication
  • improved diet that means better concentration, moods and behaviour
  • better overall health
  • spending time together as a family

At the end of the program, your group will take part in graduation ceremony to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Parents and carers are provided with information on community clubs and programs available in their local areas, and you’re encouraged to check them out when your child’s Go4Fun® sessions finish.

What part do families play?

The program is designed with a whole of family approach, which is why a parent or carer needs to attend each session. Parents and carers are often role models for their children and have a big influence over their lifestyle. Their role is so important that there are even some sessions in the program which are just targeted towards the adults. Making changes as a whole family also makes it easier to keep them up in the long term.

Aboriginal Go4Fun

Both programs run for 10 weeks, in the local community. However, Aboriginal Go4Fun® has been tailored specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. This means that while the key messages of the program are still the same, some of the information has been changed to be more specific to the Aboriginal culture. Families who do not identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander are still welcome to attend Aboriginal Go4Fun®.

Go4Fun Online

Both programs run for 10 weeks and are designed for children aged 7 to 13 looking for support with healthy eating, physical activity and overall wellbeing. However, standard Go4Fun® is delivered face-to-face in local venues, while Go4Fun Online® is delivered online and through phone coaching.

Learn more about Go4Fun Online.

Information for health professional

Visit our health professionals page to learn more about referrals, training, and other information about Go4Fun for your patients.