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Fun and fitness for kids above a healthy weight

Go4Fun is a free program for NSW children aged 7 to 13 who are above a healthy weight, and their families. Run by trained health and community professionals, it’s a fun way to build self-esteem and learn about eating well, staying active and living a healthy life.

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Watch our video to learn more about Go4Fun Online and see how Go4Fun can make a lifetime of difference to children and their families. Go4Fun Online runs over 10 weeks and includes support from a qualified health coach as well as:

  • Weekly online activity sessions
  • Resources and prizes
  • Our online community where you can chat to other families in the program

Tamworth, New South Wales

Christine: My name is Christine and I live in Tamworth with my family I’ve got a husband and three little kids.

I actually got interested in the Go4Fun program via a Facebook post. I’ve had an interest in getting my family more
involved in healthy eating as a family unit, rather than me just dictating what we eat and what we do.

The online program worked fantastically for us. We’ve got a really busy schedule with three children and two adults
to try and juggle, with my husband working split shifts and myself in a casual position. So being able to complete
that when I know that we’ve got the five of us available to do the online program, it fitted in beautifully with our

We were in the comfort of our own home, so the kids were really relaxed and really welcoming to the information
that was presented and it made it easier to take away what we needed to from the sessions.

As part of the program the token chart was fantastic to keep us on track, we were able to get those tokens each
week with our phone call with our coach and Jeddah was happy to stick those on and see how she progressed and it
made it so easy to say to her look darling this is why we’re doing this. This week we need to focus on this
particular thing, it’s part of our tokens rewards.

She needed to get full tokens. She knew that from the beginning. So she was happy to see how they all added up
at the end and be able to go and choose her prize.

Description: Christine is joined by two children

interviewer: If you had to describe Go4Fun and use two words for Go4Fun, what two words?

Children: Healthy and fitter.


Go for healthy eating

Making the right food choices can be complicated. Go4Fun works with children and families to understand what’s best for young bodies, and adjust lifestyle behaviours for healthy living.

Go for fun and fitness

Physical activity doesn’t have to be boring. With the help of our Go4Fun activity targets, children and their families can discover fun exercise for kids and new ways to get fitter and stay active.

Go for extra confidence

By taking part in Go4Fun and making a few key changes, families learn to make healthier choices so that they can live their best lives.

It’s not always easy to tell if a child is a healthy weight for their age and height.

Children and teenagers need to grow, but they are healthiest if they stay within a certain weight range as they grow. This is called a healthy weight for their age.

Use the child weight status calculator
It is a really great program; it has helped us. Not just Nathaniel, but myself and my daughter as well. So it does have a rippling effect on the family.
Go4Fun parent

Question Time

A word from our parents

How has Go4Fun influenced your family?

Parent 1: The way she’s starting to think, her mentality has changed.

She eats only wholemeal bread now. You know, and I’m quite proud of that because before it was yuck without even tasting it.

You know, it was all ew. Cringe before you even put it in your mouth. You know.

She’s into the broccoli, the carrots and yeah she loves coming.

Parent 2: She makes more educated choices now. So I think it’s helped her a lot.

Parent 3: We’re more conscious now of what we’re eating, what we’re buying now when we go shopping.

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Join the program. It’s a great initiative, it’s free,  it’s offered by the government, it doesn’t take too much of their time and they learn so much information.
Go4Fun Nutrition Leader

Go4Fun is a healthy lifestyle program for kids aged 7-13 who are above a healthy weight

Cecilia: So my name is Cecilia, I’m a nutrition leader for Go4Fun. I’m also an accredited practising dietician.

I think it’s a great program because it involves families. It also ties in with exercise, so we’ve got the nutrition component and the exercise component.

Also it’s a great bonding time for the families to have with their kids, so it’s not just like you know physical activities but it’s also having fun and that’s really important.

Join the program, it’s a great initiative, it’s free it’s offered by the government, it doesn’t take too much of their time and they learn so much information not just behaviorial changes but also you know some other things like bonding time with the children that’s really important and also that exercise and learning to be healthy can be quite fun.


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Watching her learn and actually actioning it. So we will be at the supermarket and finding healthier alternatives. It affects their attitudes as well.
Go4Fun parent

Go4Fun is a healthy lifestyle program for kids aged 7-13 who are above a healthy weight

Francis, Go4Fun Parent: My wife, she told me that she found this program online.

Jess has picked up on eating her vegetables which is great.

Now she has carrots, asparagus, broccoli, because she has to come to the program and show what she’s eaten for the week, so she’s she’s striving towards it.

And it’s a massive change to what we normally do.

She exercises more, we spend more time with them so we have to be with them more often and try and talk to them more.

She loves coming, she loves coming. She loves to know about it, keep on learning, asking her questions.

And I believe she has lost some weight as well. So that’s the start we were looking for.


Become fitter, healthier, happier with Go4Fun. Register for Go4Fun – it’s FREE!

Aboriginal Go4Fun

A 10 week healthy lifestyle program for Aboriginal children and their families.

Go4Fun® is a fun and interactive program that helps children aged 7–13 years who are above a healthy weight and their families adopt a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.

Learn more about Aboriginal Go4Fun