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Healthy living tools and programs

Healthy, easy recipes from Healthy Eating Active Living –  healthy recipes from Healthy Eating Active Living.

Weekly menu planner from Healthy Eating Active Living – tool to help you choose healthy meals and snacks you can prepare for the week.

Get Healthy Service – a free phone and online NSW Health coaching service supporting people over 16 years of age living in NSW to make lifestyle changes.

Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge – a free program where you can come together with your mob to eat healthy and live a more active life.

Active and Creative Kids rebate vouchers (Service NSW) – eligible families can apply for $50 vouchers from the NSW Government to help pay for enrolment in sport, recreational, creative or cultural activities.


It is a really great program; it has helped us. Not just Nathaniel, but myself and my daughter as well. So it does have a rippling effect on the family.
Go4Fun parent

Question Time

A word from our parents

How has Go4Fun influenced your family?

Parent 1: The way she’s starting to think, her mentality has changed.

She eats only wholemeal bread now. You know, and I’m quite proud of that because before it was yuck without even tasting it.

You know, it was all ew. Cringe before you even put it in your mouth. You know.

She’s into the broccoli, the carrots and yeah she loves coming.

Parent 2: She makes more educated choices now. So I think it’s helped her a lot.

Parent 3: We’re more conscious now of what we’re eating, what we’re buying now when we go shopping.

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The program really helped us to move to healthier choices.
Go4Fun parent

[Sushma] Life was just going on. Just going on. Working, eating, sleeping. That’s all. 

[Krupesh] We knew that we aren’t active. Sometimes, you know, that things are not right. You don’t have any sense of direction, what to do. Sometimes we need a kick, isn’t it? 

(Krupesh laughs) 

Yeah, I think, I agree with her. 

[Krupa] My name is Krupa Doshi, and I’m 10 years old. 

Yeah, most of the time, busy in our life or routine life. They’re like sometimes in job, sometimes in kitchen, sometimes outside doing the work, and cleanings. 

And at work, I was hardly moving because it’s more like a desktop job for me. We tend to eat a lot of, you know, fried things at home. We knew that, you know, eating those kind of things, will eventually wind up in some health challenges. So we have dinner watching TV and my daughter got the habit from me. So not much of a family time. Not much of family interaction, I will say. 

(lighthearted music 

Then we came across a program where we felt that, you know We should be doing these things. And as a family, we chatted to parents, and to my wife, Sushma, and daughter like can we just go for this one and see how it comes out? The program asked us to do some activities according to the family. 

They say that, it’s good to eat healthy stuff more than junk food and the label reading. So you should read the label, how much sodium, sugar, and fats. So you can know which ones are healthier option. 

The biggest change was now everyone is aware now that we should eat at least six to eight glasses of water. 

We got a booklet that had water tracker. So you have to take how many glasses you drink. It makes me feel healthy. 

He’d say let’s play something outdoors for being active. 

So we started playing, you know, badminton. We’ll play cricket. 

We like to go to the park. Sometimes we play basketball. 

Slowly, we started adding that time up and that was the biggest win for us, you know. That screen time went less than half. 

So we have at least two servings of vegetable a day. Two different curries, and a couple of fruits we’ll have in our lunch. 

The program really helped us to move to healthier choices. My blood pressure, it really went down because started getting healthier. 

Everyone has lost weight. My mother-in-law lost a few kgs. My father-in-law and I myself have lost a few kgs.  

So I feel a lot happier. It’s cause we spend so much time together now. 

It’s like not feeling lonely. 

Sometimes, what we feel is difficult is not actually that difficult. It’s just a one thought. 

And then you can change everything in your life. 

If somebody were to start this journey I encourage everybody to at least give a go. 

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