South Western Sydney
Local Health District


Term Dates

1 Friday 27 January - Thursday 6 April 2023 (Eastern division); Friday 3 February - Thursday 6 April 2023 (Western division)
2 Monday 24 April - Friday 30 June
3 Monday 17 July - Friday 22 September
4 Monday 9 October - Tuesday 19 December


Welcome to South Western Sydney - Go4Fun

Register for a program by calling 1800 780 900

South Western Sydney Go4Fun programs run from Bankstown to Bowral each school term.

Go4Fun is a FREE and fun program to help your family get more active and fitter.

All programs are run once a week for ten weeks of each school term.

To register for the program today, please call 1800 780 900.

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Channel 7 Prime

The Go4Fun program made the news!
Meet Max’s family sharing their experience of Go4Fun here.

Healthy Lunchbox Video

Looking for back to school ideas for kids lunch boxes? See Go4Fun Program Manager Leah Choi talk about some great tips for starting off the school year right with a healthy lunch box at school.


Carol and daughter Tara

Loved Go4Fun and how it made them feel so much that they joined another healthy eating program to get ongoing support and healthy cooking ideas.

Jonathon and his dad Matt

Jonathon and Matt made a pact aiming to spend more time together to be as active as possible. Go4Fun provided the perfect solution for this, with both Jonathon and Matt spending quality time together while learning how to be fit and healthy together. Jonathon thought that the best thing about Go4Fun was learning to recognise healthy foods for himself and being more active and fit!

Ireena and daughter Jasmine

Ireena and her child Jasmine loved taking part in the Go4Fun program. They found it a really fun experience, especially with two very cheeky Go4Fun leaders, Alison and Amy. Jasmine enjoyed the swimming activities with Alison the most. They both learnt about label reading, which is something they now do when they go shopping. After completing the program, Ireena commented that her child is now a fitter and happier child and she would definitely recommend that other families give Go4Fun a go.

Ruby and her dad Ross

Seven year old Ruby and her dad Ross loved their experience in the Bankstown Go4Fun program this year. Ross says Ruby now knows all about nutrition and active living and the pair couldn’t be happier with their new and healthy changes!