South Eastern Sydney
Local Health District



Term Dates

1 Friday 27 January - Thursday 6 April 2023 (Eastern division); Friday 3 February - Thursday 6 April 2023 (Western division)
2 Monday 24 April - Friday 30 June
3 Monday 17 July - Friday 22 September
4 Monday 9 October - Tuesday 19 December


Welcome to South East Sydney- Go4Fun

Register for a program by calling 1800 780 900

South Eastern Sydney Go4Fun programs run in locations across Randwick, Bayside, Georges River and Sutherland Shire LGAs each school term.

Go4Fun is a FREE and fun program to help your family get healthier, fitter, and happier.

All programs are run once a week for ten weeks of each school term.

To register for the program today call 1800 780 900, or place your name on the waitlist to reserve your spot for future terms.

Why participants love Go4Fun

  • Get active playing fun games
  • Boost confidence and make new friends
  • Make positive changes as a family
  • Learn about healthier ways of eating

Listen to what parents and leaders have to say about the program

Listen to what parents and leaders have to say about the program here

Previous program locations

Venues that have previously hosted Go4Fun are:

  • Randwick Community Centre
  • Kensington Park Community Centre
  • Kingsgrove Community Centre
  • Mortdale Community Centre
  • Hurstville Aquatic Centre
  • Rockdale PCYC
  • Miranda Indoor Sportsworld
  • Caringbah Flip Out
  • Sutherland PCYC


Antoinette Kassidis

As a parent it was nice to meet others who were in the same situation as me. It was good to share stories and support each other.

We have now started to make changes in the family as simple as going for a walk every day together, even if it’s not for too long. I am even using healthier alternatives in my cooking.

Student, Kogarah

The best thing about the Go4Fun Program was playing their games. I learnt that running around and playing can be exercise and I really enjoyed the supermarket tour which helped me understand what healthy stuff that I should be eating.

Since starting the program, I have lost weight and continue to drink lots of water because one of our goals was to drink 6-8 cups a day.

Henny Limas

My favourite thing about the Go4Fun program is that it has helped me to read and understand food labels. Our family is now eating more fruits and vegetables, and no longer buying MEND-Unfriendly cereals.

I have noticed changes in my child since he started the program. His tummy has gone, and he likes playing outside and doing more activities.