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Stanhope Gardens



Reg Byrne Community Centre

WAVES Fitness and community centre



Term 129 Jan - 12 Apr 2019

Term 229 Apr - 05 Jul 2019

Term 322 Jul - 27 Sep 2019

Term 414 Oct - 20 Dec 2019



What's Happening?

Welcome to Western Sydney - Go4Fun

Western Sydney Go4Fun programs run in location across Blacktown, Hills District, Holroyd and Parramatta Local Government Areas. In Term 1 2019, we have 6 locations so there is sure to be one near you.

We are now taking registrations for Go4Fun programs starting next term. Go4Fun is a FREE and fun program to help your family get more active and fitter.

To register for the program today, please call 1800 780 900 or call the local team on 02 9840 3603. You can also visit www.go4fun.com.au/register

Jump at the chance to be healthy!

Some Western Sydney locations now include pool based games and activities. It will be so much fun that the kids won’t even notice they’re being active!

The Go4Fun program is FREE!

The Go4Fun® program is offered FREE to families and is run out of school hours for two hours at a range of locations across Western Sydney. Local, tertiary trained leaders use the Go4Fun educational program to combine three essential elements necessary for safe, effective weight management and sustained healthy lifestyle change.
• Exercise and physical activity
• Good nutrition
• Behaviour change

An important aspect of the Go4Fun Program is that a parent or carer must attend each session with their child so that lifestyle change is addressed as a family issue. As a result parents are also provided with information and discussion time on:
• the importance of families eating meals and being active together,
• setting goals,
• the importance of routines and sleep for children.

Term 3 Locations, 2019

Granville Town Hall
Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm
Starting: Monday 22nd July

Emerton Leisure Centre
Tuesdays 4:30pm-6:30pm
Starting Tue 23rd July

Blacktown PCYC
Wednesdays 4:30pm-7:30pm
Starting Wed 24th July

Reg Byrne Community Centre
Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm
Starting: Thursday 25th July

Blacktown Leisure Centre
Time: 5:30PM-7:30PM
Starting: Thursday, 25 JULY

Waves Fitness and Aquatic Centre
Time: 10am-12pm
Starting: Saturday, 27 JULY


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What parents have to say about Go4Fun

“The Go4Fun program makes it easy for both children and adults to understand nutrition facts” - Helen Chisholm (Parramatta Go4Fun program)

“We love the program because there is good information about healthy eating for kids that they can use in their everyday life” - Arezoo Mohammadi (Castle Hill Go4Fun program)

“Since starting the program we check all the products we buy from the supermarket, and it’s made us more aware of what is in packaged foods” - Trish Falzon (Seven Hills program)

What children have to say about Go4Fun

“The kids and the leaders are very friendly” - Liana Rose (8 years) Granville

“Our family is more active an always smiling” - Karina (8 years) Baulkham Hills

“ I came to Go4Fun because I wanted to eat more healthy and get more active” - Makayla Falzon (9 years) Merrylands

“It’s fun” - Chelsea (12 years) Granville

Program results

More than 1000 children and their families have already benefited from the Go4Fun program in Western Sydney, and we hope that this program can assist you in your daily role supporting children and families that may have a mix of negative lifestyle behaviours, negative body image and self esteem issues.

Go4Fun children have shown
• increases in weekly physical activity
• improvements in self-esteem, body esteem and self-confidence
• increased confidence to get involved in team sports
• increased involvement in making healthy food choices at home
• to have increased knowledge of healthy lifestyle habits

What others have to say about Go4Fun

Parents say
“I liked meeting new people and learning to eat healthier”
“The program was easy to follow and informative, I like the non-competitive sporting activities the children took part in every week”
“I feel they are more active, not complaining as much, eating the right food, helping me out at home, having a walk and helping me do the shopping”
“They eat on time, sleep on time and my family starts eating healthy food and they are starting to be more active”

Kids say
“It’s fun learning new ideas”
“The kids are friendly, the leaders are also very friendly”
“I loved the fact that it was suitable for everyone and we had lots of fun and laughs”
“I liked fitting in because sometimes I don’t fit in much”