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Term 130 Jan - 13 Apr 2018

Term 201 May - 06 Jul 2018

Term 324 Jul - 28 Sep 2018

Term 415 Oct - 19 Dec 2018



What's Happening?

TERM 4, 2018

Registrations for Term 4, 2018 are open.

Gosford: Gosford Olympic Pool, 42 Masons Parade
Tuesday 4-6pm

The Entrance: The Entrance Community Centre, Battley Ave
Saturday 10am - 12 noon

Woy Woy: Peninsula Community Centre, 93 McMasters Rd
Thursday 4-6pm


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*These images have been used with the permission of Central Coast LHD


Lisa B, Blue Haven, Term 3

‘I think the program was excellent, especially for the kids. It puts it into perspective for the kids, allowing them to make the better choices for themselves. As well as the awesome people and friends they get to meet because of the program. The teachers were awesome, down to earth and showed the kids a good time while achieving their goals. The best part for me personally has been the one on one time I have been able to spend with my daughter, building our relationship and working together to better our healthy lifestyle choices.’

Kelly, Blue Haven, Term 3

‘We loved Go4Fun. My kids really looked forward to it every week. We learned how to make healthier choices in a fun way. We always felt comfortable and enjoyed every session.'

Inga, Green Point, Term 3

‘My son and I attended this program and I have no regrets for my time I spent over there, as it improved my son’s understanding about foods, lifestyle and why sports are important, as well as why parents sometimes not allowing him to eat much of his favourite foods and spent much time with gadgets. It looks like he takes more control of his own habits and trying to improve them by his own will. His confidence is growing and he feels proud of his own decisions. My job as his mother became much easier due to this program as I don’t need to negotiate and argue with him as much as before. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone as it also was a fun time for family.’