Health Professionals

A referral from a trusted source, such as a GP, is often the motivation a family needs to join Go4Fun. Go4Fun has successfully reached over 13,000 families across NSW to date, making significant improvements to their health and well being.

For health professionals

There are three different versions of Go4Fun available, catering to different family needs:

  • Standard Go4Fun: face-to-face program delivered over 10 weeks
  • Aboriginal Go4Fun: a face-to-face program tailored for Aboriginal children and their families
  • Go4Fun Online: designed for families who cannot attend a face-to-face program


The crucial role of health professionals

Many parents don’t know when their child is above a healthy weight. That’s why a health professional’s role is vital, as they can screen for and address a child’s weight status as part of normal growth assessments.

If you’re a health professional, you can refer families to any version of Go4Fun by completing this online referral form. Our registration team will do the work for you and find the most suitable program for your patient, based on the information you provide and what is available.

To be eligible for Go4Fun, children should be between 7 and 13 years old and be classed as being ‘above a healthy weight’ (>85th BMI percentile for age and sex). Parents or carers must be available to attend each session, too.

How to refer?

There are a number of ways for health professionals to refer a patient to Go4Fun:

Families can also refer directly using our online registration form on this website, or by calling 1800 780 900.

Why refer?

Health Professionals are one of the highest sources of referrals into the Go4Fun program. A referral from a trusted health professional is often the motivation people need to join Go4Fun. Go4Fun is designed to complement the patient care you offer, and provides you with a practical solution for patients and their families.

The benefits of Go4Fun include:

  • Significant, positive changes in health-related behaviours
  • An equitable program that’s free to all eligible children, especially those most in need
  • A practical solution you can recommend to patients, referring health professionals receive a report highlighting improvements at the end of the program.

Healthy Kids for Professionals

Healthy Kids for Professionals is a set of weight management resources designed to support GPs and other health professionals with their young patients.

The website is free and open to all health professionals. It contains a range of resources to help with assessing and managing children above a healthy weight, including:

  • A weight status calculator
  • BMI-for-age and gender charts
  • Fact sheets
  • An online learning module
  • A Conversation Starters section to help raise the issue
  • Online referral forms for secondary and tertiary services in NSW.

NSW Get Healthy services

The Get Healthy service is a free, confidential telephone-based health coaching service for NSW adults 16 years and over. When you sign up, you’ll receive the support of your very own health coach. They will call you around 10 to 13 times over six months to help you make gradual healthy changes, stay motivated, and feel better.

To get started, visit the Get Healthy website or call 1300 806 258.

FAQS for health professionals

We’ve answered some common questions you might have as health professional. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 780 900 if you’d like to know more.